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You are always welcome to Hyvinkää Evangelical Lutheran Church. You do not need to be a member.

We are a Christian congregation and would love to connect with you. Let us grow together in God's love and in following Jesus.

Find out more about us here on this site or get in touch with us. Welcome!




Every Sunday and national holiday at 10 am a service is held at

Hyvinkää Church

Hämeenkatu 16

05800 Hyvinkää

Tuomasmessu - St. Thomas Mass 
St. Thomas Mass is a communion service taking place at 5 p.m. once a month. This service is more informal and emphasizes praise, prayer and the role of volunteers. 
Soup is served free of charge before Tuomasmessu and tea afterwards.
If you wish to have interpretation, please contact Deacon Päivi Lammela tel. 040 559 6318 or   

Other activities 

Suomi-kahvila (Finnish Café)

Suomi-kahvila (Finnish Café) welcomes both foreigners and Finns to discuss in Finnish and to make new friends. Suomi Café is an easygoing club run by Hyvinkää Lutheran Church and its volunteers.
Suomi Café beginns in the autumn.


The parish provides help, whether you are in economic distress, need spiritual guidance or just someone to talk to.

In case of having problems in relationship with your partner or other family member you may find help from Perheasiain neuvottelukeskus. Welcome to talk about your life, alone or with your partner. Make an appointment on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays between 9-11
(019) 4561 250.

A Deacon worker can help you e.g. with: 
   - discussion 
   - economic guidance and material help 
   - help in interacting with authorities and filling in forms 
   - family issues and relationships 
   - mental support 
   - alcohol and drug problems
A Deacon worker for immigrants is Päivi Lammela tel. 040 5596 318.

Pastors offer:

 - discussion

 - spiritual support for questions, such as church, life, faith, etc.

 - mental support

 - family issues and relationships

 - you can also make a confession to a pastor

A pastor on duty: tel. 040 8050 212
All counseling is confidential and free of charge.

Confirmation class

If you are not yet a member of the Church, you are welcome to join a confirmation class for adults. In the classes you will learn the basics of Christianity and about the faith and the life of the Lutheran Church. After the classes it is possible to become a baptized member of the Lutheran Church of Finland.

Confirmation class in English, contact Virpi Koivisto tel. 040 5479 615,

Please send you inquiry to
or tel. 040 8050 200. 
Please contact Päivi Lammela or Virpi Koivisto.

More information about Evangelical Lutheran Church in Finland:





Our Church in a nutshell

The Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church is officially not a state church. The vast majority of the population (72 % in December 2016), however, are members and share the Church´s heritage and tradition. Read more

What we believe:
Lutheranism is a denomination of Protestant Christianity whose roots are in the teachings of Martin Luther and the 16th century Reformation.
Jesus Christ's death on the cross and his resurrection are the foundation of faith and salvation. Faith alone is sufficient for a person to be acceptable to God. True faith is born through God's Word and the sacraments. There are two sacraments, baptism and holy communion. Although good works do not earn salvation, love of neighbour and helping others are daily manifestations of faith.

Grace: A person is saved entirely by God's grace, not by his own doing.
Faith: Faith alone is sufficient for a person to be acceptable to God. True faith is born through God's Word and the sacraments.
The Bible: All doctrinal issues and definitions are based on the Bible.
Christ: Jesus Christ, His ministry and teachings are the basis of faith and salvation.



in the Camp resort of Sääksi

Saturday 26th of August 2017 at 10.00 a.m.-5 p.m.

Transportation: Busses leave at 10.00 a.m. from Paavola (Valintatalo) and one bus drives throw centre, Martti, Hakala and Vehkoja before going to Sääksi.
Return is at 5 p.m. from Sääksi.

You may also come by your own car.

Fee: Adults and children over 16 years 10€
Children 7-16 years 7€
Children under school age free of charge

Program: Lunch at 12.00
Coffee at 15.00
Swimming and sauna ( take your swimmingsuite and towel)
Outdoor plays (volleyball etc.)
Berry picking etc.

Call and sign up to Päivi at 18th of August at the latest.

tell: 040-5596 318 or email:  

Wellcome everybody! See you at Sääksi!

Behalf of all organisers

Päivi Lammela, deacon


Hyvinkään Seurakunta | PL 29 (Hämeenkatu 16), 05801 Hyvinkää | puh. 040 8050 200 |