Hyppää sisältöön

From Hyvinkää to the world

Our volunteers and workers spread God’s love in different countries on all continents. We also financially support and pray for certain parishes and parish workers abroad. We see ourselves as a part of the worldwide Christian community.

Our workers abroad keep in touch with Hyvinkää parish and tell us how their work is prosessing. We can support them and their target countries and communities by praying, sharing the Gospel and providing diaconal care and material support, and creating networks and providing the opportunity for new international friendships.

Hyvinkää parish has sister churches in Estonia, Croatia, Hungary and Russia. Sister church relationships often start from a personal contact or friendship that grows into a collaboration between the two parishes. Members of sister communities may visit each other, engage in correspondence or collaborate in many different ways.
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Missionary work

Hyvinkää Church carries out missionary work around the world. Appointed messengers work in Southwest Asia, Croatia, Myanmar, Tanzania, Russia and Estonia. In addition to this, Hyvinkää Church supports Bible translation work in India and Thailand, Chinese linguistic work around the world, orphan work in Kenya and Afar radio programmes in Ethiopia and its nearby regions.  More information can be found on the Finnish website.

Operations in Hyvinkää

In support of the missionary work, the parish organises bake sales approx. 9 times per year. Other missionary sales are scheduled a couple of times a year. You can support the missionary work by having lunch at Pitopalvelu, Hämeenkatu 16, price 10.00€.  (open during weekdays at 10.30 am - 1.30 pm). You can also order baked goods there for your own celebrations and events.