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The entire course of life appears in a new light when death approaches our loved ones.  According to our Christian faith, God's love conquers even death.  As Christians, we see our loved ones off to rest in the hope of resurrection and new life.

The funeral service may take place in a church or chapel or outdoors at the open grave. In Finland it can take time to make arrangements. The funeral service is usually held two or three weeks after death.

► Funeral checklistLinkki avautuu uudessa välilehdessä

► Contact the register office (Hämeenkatu 16) for more information.

Some private undertakers assist in funeral arrangements for a fee.  In Finland, however, undertakers do not act as directors in the funeral service because that is the duty of church custodians and pastors.

Support for the grieving

Pastors and diaconal workers of Hyvinkää parish lead groups where people who have lost loved ones can meet each other and share their experiences. Parishes also provide personal counselling: you can have a private conversation with a church worker if you wish.


Rauhannummen hautausmaan portaat ja sisäänkäynti.
Rauhannummi cemetery
Puolimatkan hautausmaan siunauskappeli.
Puolimatka cemetery