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In the Confirmation ceremony, we ask God to strengthen the faith of those who are being confirmed. 
Confirmation classes are meant for deepen one's faith and knowledge of the Christian faith and Lutheran confession. 

The process culminates in the ceremony of Confimation, where God is asked to strengthen the faith or those who are being confirmed. The congregation prays for them and they receive God's blessing. During the Confirmation ceremony, those being confirmed confess their Christian faith by reciting the Creed and commit themselves to being disciples of Jesus. 

After Confirmation, one may take part in the Eucharist independently. One can also become a godparent and marry in the church.

Most Finnish young people take part in confirmation classes and are confirmed the year they turn 15. Confirmed church members aged 16 and over can vote in church elections. After reaching the age of 18, the can become candidates for the local parish council and other governing bodies of the Church.

Confirmation is a memorable event for Finnish families. About 80 per cent of the age group take part in cofirmation classes in Hyvinkää.

Confirmation classes

During Confirmation classes, one studies the basics of the Chirstian faith and the Lutheran confession. Nine out of ten Finns attend the classes. It is common for young people to attend parish activities in a group of peers and then attend a confirmation camp in the summer. For adults, confirmation classes may take the form of private lessons with a pastor, an online course, or a series of small group meetings.

If you are an adult with no prior knowledge of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, confirmation classes are an opportunity to deepen your understanding of Christianity. During the process, you can reflect on life and faith with others. When you have completed your confirmation classes, you can decide whether to become a memeber of the Church and your local parish. At this point, you can also choose to get baptised if you have not been baptised before. 

Baptism and joinig the church are optional, and some people attend confirmation classes only to deepen their knowledge of Christian faith without joining the Evangelical Lutheran Church.

If your are interested in confirmation classes, please ask fo more information from Pastor Virpi Koivisto.