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Help, support and guidance

Whatever problems you may be experiencing, we are here to support you. Sometimes just talking with someone may help.

All meetings with our pastors or diaconal workers are strictly confidential.

We respect each person's religious convictions and worldview on the basis of the freedom of belief. You do not need to be a Church member to have an appointment with one of our pastors or diaconal workers.

You are not alone! Come and tell us about your troubles.

Our pastors offer spiritual guidance and other support such as

  • counselling
  • spiritual and emotional support
  • family and relationships counselling and
  • confession.

It’s not good to be alone with difficult things. It’s important to talk about them with someone.

Pastor is available
Mon-Fri at 9-13
+358 40 8050 212

Note: If you want to discuss with your native language, there are few former missionary workes in our parishioners, who will be able to help you. There is a list of following languages: 

  • Croatian, German (pastor Matti Korpiaho)
  • Amharic, Ethiopian language (pastor Kirsti Mauranen)
  • Japanese (pastor Kosti Kallio)
  • Dari (development specialist Hans Rönnlund)

Our diaconal workers mostly offer socio-economic support such as

  • discussion
  • financial advice and material assistance
  • help in dealing with authorities and form filling
  • family and relationship counselling
  • emotional support
  • addiction counselling and
  • assistance in integration process.

You can also directly call the deacon responsible for multicultural work, Päivi Lammela, +358 40 5596318.

In an emergency