The parish provides help, whether you are in economic distress, need spiritual guidance or just someone to talk to.

In case of having problems in relationship with your partner or other family member you may find help from Perheasiain neuvottelukeskus. Welcome to talk about your life, alone or with your partner. Make an appointment on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays between 9-11 

tel. (019) 4561 250.

A Deacon worker can help you e.g. with: 
   - discussion 
   - economic guidance and material help 
   - help in interacting with authorities and filling in forms 
   - family issues and relationships 
   - mental support 
   - alcohol and drug problems 

A Deacon worker for immigrants is Päivi Lammela tel. 040 5596 318.

Pastors offer:

 - discussion

 - spiritual support for questions, such as church, life, faith, etc.

 - mental support

 - family issues and relationships

 - you can also make a confession to a pastor

A pastor on duty: tel. 040 8050 212 
All counseling is confidential and free of charge.


Please send you inquiry to 
or tel. 040 8050 200. 
Or contact Päivi Lammela or Virpi Koivisto. 

More information about Evangelical Lutheran Church in Finland:


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